management idea

Fokky is a global resource that serves the world and serves the public.
Business philosophy: people-oriented, integrity first, customer service, and win-win development.Corporate vision: To become China's first-class automotive bearing manufacturer.Corporate mission: Work hard for China to become a car power.Corporate core values:"福": Employee Happiness (create opportunities for employees)"可": Social recognition (creating value for society)"吉": Customer Geely (create value for customers)
Corporate strategy: Doing small products and supporting large customersSpirit of enterprise: truth-seeking, innovation, integrity, unity, enterprising, conservationProduction concept: safety production protects employee life, product quality guarantees corporate lifeQuality concept: Today's quality is tomorrow's marketQuality concept: Today's quality is tomorrow's market

Life of staffs

management idea

We regard talent as the company’s most important asset and the driving force behind the long-term development of the company. Through the establishment of echelon selection talent cultivation mechanism, fair scientific performance evaluation mechanism, disparate system training mechanism, and reasonable and rich welfare distribution mechanism, the company and its employees are established for a long time. A win-win community of interests realizes the common growth of companies and employees.
  • 春游
  • 春游
  • 春游
  • 春游
  • 春游
  • 春游
  • 春游
  • 斗地主比賽
  • 垂釣比賽
  • 包粽子比賽
  • 新年晚會
  • 中秋晚會
  • 籃球比賽
  • 圣誕節
  • 活動頒獎


social responsibility

  • "1" a great dream:

    The waves are beautiful because of collision, life is wonderful because of hard work, and life has become extraordinary because of the realization of one dream after another. Let's be a young man who constantly surpasses himself, excels, dreams, and strive hard. !
  • "2" two learning:

    I. Learn the great Long March spirit (I am willing to endure hardship, be afraid of hardships, be good at unity, take care of the overall situation, and be independent in my spirit of innovation, boldness, conviction, and feelings).II. learn the craftsman's spirit (the idea of improving your own work).
  • "3" Three goals:

    I. Build FKG into a happy family;II. Make FKG a platform that we share together.III. Make FKG a respectable company.
  • "6" has six hearts:

    I. Have a responsible person's heart;   IV. Have a passionate heart;II. Have a humble heart;                       V. ve a constant learning heart;III. Have a grateful heart;                     VI. ve a heart of wisdom.
FKG BEARING(JIAXING) Co.,LTD. Address:No. 78, Anjiang Road, New District of Jianshan, Haining, Jiaxing Tel:+86(573)87897999 Fax:+86(573)87897666
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