FKG BEARING(JIAXING) Co.,LTD. adheres to the "people-oriented" concept of talents, creates a harmonious and enterprising family with Fokkery Precision as the core, and it will also guide every Siwei people with more firm belief and more robustness. Step, continue to walk in the forefront of world science and technology.

Respect talents, manage talents, talents are the first capital of the companyFukeji has always practiced, and talent is the first capital of the company.Committed to creating a humane organizational environment and atmosphere

FKG always insists on respecting talents and managing talentsEvery member is professional, lean, dedicated, and happy.Forming a solid interest and business community with each memberCreate a career together with each member, grow together, and win together for the future


FKG BEARING(JIAXING) Co.,LTD. Address:No. 78, Anjiang Road, New District of Jianshan, Haining, Jiaxing Tel:+86(573)87897999 Fax:+86(573)87897666
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